Supergirl season 6: will Barry Allen (the Flash) make an appearance before the end of the series?


Season 6 of Supergirl will be the very last of the series but then, will Kara and Barry have a chance to end up in the Arrowverse?

Another page will turn in the world of the Arrowverse. So that Arrow bowed out in January 768, Supergirl will be next to say goodbye. Season 6 will be the very last in the series and fans are wondering how the Kara adventures will end … Is it possible that the superheroine will die as Oliver Queen? If anything can happen, it is hard to imagine the writers killing Kara Denvers. Supergirl being a more optimistic series, it is possible that Superman’s cousin is entitled to a happy-ending . In addition, another question burns our lips. Grant Gustin, the speedster of The Flash could he make an appearance in this final season of Supergirl ?

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, no Arrowverse crossover will not take place this year, much to our disappointment. However, since Supergirl ends her run at the end of Season 6 , we hope that she will have the right to say goodbye with other characters from the DC universe. Kara and Barry have always been close and seeing them together one last time would be a joy to us. Unfortunately, there is little luck . Matt from TVLine said: “I asked The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace if Kara could visit Central City before his own series ended, and he didn’t seem optimistic, at least on his side. ‘I wish, but… I don’t know,’ he ventured with a heavy sigh. ‘I’d say: Ask. to the people of Supergirl ‘, not to me, because it really does not depend on me. “ This year is very complex for such projects and Grant Gustin will not be present in Supergirl . While waiting to know more, 4362975 discover the latest information on the arrival of Diggle in season 7 of The Flash.

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