Superman and Lois: Clark and his sons have family time in a backstage photo


Superman et Lois

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Superman and Lois actress Bitsie Tulloch posted a behind-the-scenes photo, giving fans a first glimpse of the teenage sons , the Superboys.

The new series of the Arrowverse is revealed little by little. Superman and Lois focuses on the life of Clark Kent and the reporter most famous TV show as they try to educate their two teenage sons. They are going to face a lot of issues as parents and even more so as parents of Superboys. In any case, the family will be honored in Superman et Lois . A new behind-the-scenes photo of this Arrowverse spin-off has just been unveiled by Elizabeth, aka Bitsie Tulloch and gives us a nice preview of what awaits us in these first episodes of Superman and Lois.

A backstage photo! – Credit (s): Instagram @ bitsietulloch On the same subject : Marvel Studios: will Namor be the origin of Civil War 2 in the MCU?

The star actress of Superman and Lois , Bitsie Tulloch, posted a behind-the-scenes photo from the series in his Instagram story, giving fans a first look at the title duo's teenage sons

. Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfin play the sons of Lois and Clark, Jonathan and Jordan Kent, respectively. This snap is the first look at Jordan Elassa and Alexander Garfin, and the duo seem rather complicit. Based on the character descriptions, Jordan Kent would be an anxious and socially awkward teenager, which comes out in this shot. On the other hand, Jordan Elsass looks more like Tyler Hoechlin, with a classic Kent haircut and a rather muscular physique.

This new series of the Arrowverse is highly anticipated and must come out on 21 February 2020 on the CW!

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