Sweet Home on Netflix: South Korea tries to survive an invasion of Demogorgon-like monsters in this horror series, our review


Sweet Home is riding the wave of zombies, except this time around the monsters are even scarier than anything you could imagine! It's available on Netflix, here are our first impressions.

After the excellent Japanese series Alice in Borderland on Netflix , Sweet Home is just right! This time around, the story unfolds from South Korea, with residents of one neighborhood suddenly being invaded by a horde of monsters. At first glance, you'd think they'd be zombies – due to the red eyes and their lust for human blood – but in reality, these monsters seem a lot more complex than that. Their hands are huge, their mouths can open disproportionately, and strange pipes can come out of their orifices to capture their victims. The first episodes do not really allow us to understand where this invasion comes from and especially who is patient zero. If we pay attention to the details, we could guess who was affected first, but the rest of the episodes will certainly offer us more details. So, is Sweet Home the new series to watch urgently?

Sweet Home VOSTFR trailer – Credit (s): Netflix See the article : Star Wars: We finally know if Han Solo was the first to shoot in the Cantina d & amp; apos; A New Hope.

As in all projects of this kind, the watchword is SURVIVAL. The main character, a loner named Cha Hyun-soo, will prove to be much more altruistic than he thought, becoming over time the protector of his neighbors . Used to video games, he leaves with a head start on others to face creatures, even if his will to end his life becomes stronger and stronger. The plot of Sweet Home takes a bit of time to settle, but be sure to be caught up in the story once the action kicks off . People who liked A Last Train to Busan on Netflix should love Sweet Home , both projects riding the same wave.

Sweet Home – Credit (s): Netflix

The big plus of this series compared to other zombie or monster programs is the quality of the special effects. We feel that Sweet Home has put in the necessary budget to make its creatures believable and scary. Of course, the series does not have for only goal to present the fight survivors vs monsters – the scenario sets up a cohesion between certain characters, which we will learn to discover over the years. episodes. Sweet Home is an adaptation of webtoon and South Korean webcomic fans are totally behind the project made by Lee Eung-bok (Descendants of the Sun, Mr. Sunshine) for 4299164 Netflix. The 10 episodes are in online and we highly recommend you take a look!

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