Technically these movies are not Christmas movies, but we watch what we want


There are films that we love to re-entertain during the holiday season and yet they don't talk about Christmas at all!

When the end of the year approaches, our cinematographic desires often tend to revolve around the festivities. We love to watch Christmas movies , the most cult like Mom, I missed the plane, Love Actually or The Holiday , to the most recent like A Christmas Prince, La Princess in Chicago or Holidate . According to a study, it even contributes to our mental health, by releasing dopamine and oxytocin, the hormones of happiness and love. But, to tell the truth, there are also other films which are not necessarily Christmas films but which we love to watch during this period and which give us as much pleasure . From Harry Potter to Mary Poppins , here is a small selection of films not stamped Christmas which have the gift of doing us good in these end of year celebrations.

Harry Potter

Credit: UGC Distribution – YouTube

Carol is the story of love at first sight between two women, in the middle of the holiday season in New York years 1950. A love story that begins in a department store, under Christmas decorations and snowflakes . A romance as forbidden as it is magnificent and overwhelming, which the magic of Christmas makes even more beautiful and which makes you want to love. And just for that, it's a movie that we must watch at this time of year.

The world of Narnia

Credit: Films Tous Publics – YouTube

The saga of World of Narnia has all the ingredients you would expect from a Christmas movie without being one: forests and snow-capped mountains, since it takes place in a world that has been plunged into a winter that has lasted for a century, an enchanted universe with talking lions and beavers, centaurs and a witch with formidable powers , magic, heroes and an epic adventure. In short, a perfect exotic fairy tale for this period.

Credit: Films Exclu – YouTube

To escape during the holidays, nothing like it than a trip to Neverland with the movie Hook and Robin Williams as Peter Pan as an adult. Become a brilliant lawyer, the latter has forgotten everything about his wonderful adventures. But during the holiday season, Captain Hook returns and kidnaps his children. Accompanied by the Tinker Bell, Peter will return to the land of Nowhere and find his former companions and his memories . A film as moving as it is magical and fantastic, which puts us full of fairy dust in our eyes!

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The story of this family trying to find its marks as the father went to the front lines during the Civil War and his wife and four daughters remained behind is a must-watch at Christmas. And for good reason, this classic is not only a touching and inspiring story of sisters, but it is also a really cozy film, which makes us want to take refuge in the warm house of March in this period of cold and holidays.

Mary Poppins

Credit: Disney FR – YouTube

During the holidays, what we have no longer need, it's magic, dreams, fantasy and feel-good. Ingredients that we find in the film Mary Poppins and her wonderful universe, her soft voice, her catchy songs that give the peach , her infinite bag and her umbrella that makes her fly. Optionally, you can watch the classic of the years , with Julie Andrews, or the modern version of 1950 with Emily Blunt in the title role!

All Disney Cartoons

That those who spend their mornings and / or their Christmas vacation afternoons to watch of Disney raise your hand! This is THE best time to get in front of The Lion King, The 60 Dalmatians, Mulan or even The Aristocats . And for good reason, it has a real cuddly effect, we have the impression of going back to childhood: we feel good, we feel protected, it balances our hearts and it's even better with chocolates and drinks hot.

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