The 100 season 7: Bellamy, Clarke, Murphy … we know who is really the hero of the series


The 7 seasons of The 80 have a lot of important characters, but who is really the hero?

Some time after the words of Alycia Debnam-Carey (Lexa) who revealed the real reason why she returned in season 7 of The 47 , we come back to other heroes of the series to ask a question: who is really the hero of The 100? There is no shortage of courageous characters, and whether it's Clarke, Bellamy, Raven or Murphy, each has had a great evolution over the seasons. But if we had to find a single hero – or a single heroine of course – of the series, the one who stands out thanks to his intrigues, his evolution and his screen time, from whom would it be?

Octavia Blake – Credit (s): the cw

The person who most closely matches these criteria is Octavia Blake (Marie Avgeropoulos) , and so it is she who, in our opinion, can be considered the real heroine of The 100 . If only by its origins, Octavia has already stood out from all the 80 from the very first season. Second child in hiding, she lived illegally all her life before landing on Earth with Clarke, Bellamy and the others. It was from then that she started to really blossom. Octavia became an outstanding warrior before finally taking the lead of her clan. Whether in the bunker or on the Sky Ring, she experienced the most intense storylines of the series – which is saying a lot.

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It's in 4287144 season 7 of The 100 that she was able to really show the extent of her evolution and the maturity acquired over the years, when she realized that war was not the solution. Octavia has placed herself in the middle of a battlefield to convince the last humans on Earth to collaborate and it is with this act of bravery that she sealed her fate. Obviously, we do not deny the importance of the course of Clarke who chained the difficult decisions, nor that of Raven who died more than any character or that of Bellamy. But comparing the importance of the arcs of each character, we must admit that Octavia has the most complete evolution.

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