The 100 season 7: could a revival see the light of day?


While the series The 100 is was completed several months ago, fans are already nostalgic! Is it possible for a post-apocalyptic show revival to emerge?

After seven years of loyal service, the series The 100 ended earlier this year. Even though many deaths were to be deplored in the last episodes, the survivors of the Earth had the right to a happy-ending . Obviously, the death of Bellamy upset us, especially since it was useless, but all those close to Clarke have forgiven her for her gesture … Faced with all the sacrifices she has made over time. measure years, they finally understood. In the last seconds of the Series Finale of The , Clarke has found everyone she loves except Madi. But then, after this finale, is it possible that a revival is born?

A revival on the series? – Credit (s): the cw

Fans dream about it, but for the moment, it is not yet relevant. The end of The 100 is too close to hope for a revival of the series. However, within a few years it would be interesting to bring Clarke and the other Earth survivors back to the forefront . So, we could get a nice glimpse into their peaceful and peaceful life with some flashbacks to illustrate their new life. If such a project is not yet planned, fans hope that the spin-off of The will indeed see the light of day. With the coronavirus pandemic, its future is still uncertain but the plot is particularly interesting. While waiting to learn more, 4295305 discover the age of the characters at the end of season 7 of The 100.