The 100 season 7: the Clarke Griffin series made the same fatal mistake as Lost and its survivors


Season 7 of The marked the end of the series but she did not avoid making this big mistake.

While we came back some time ago on the cameos of the final series of season 7 of The which made us nostalgic , it is now time to look at the whole series and take stock of it not necessarily very glorious. Yep, even though the series aired on the CW has fascinated thousands of fans for years, it doesn't 'was not devoid of errors, one of which even reminds us of the missteps of the cult series Lost which completed a long time ago. Why? Because of its increasingly complex intrigues over the seasons and especially of an end to the tunes of Last Judgment.

In the last episode of Read also : The Lady's Game season 2: Netflix confirms the fate of the series. The 100 , Clarke fails the test of a higher instance, which prevents her from transcending like all her relatives. They find themselves in a sort of virtual paradise after being disembodied and become immortal beings unable to feel pain or pain. A bit like the characters of Lost who, in the final series, are also found out of the physical world in a strange in-between . And, as in Lost, The 100 used this ending to close, a bit easily, ever more insane plots throughout the seasons – and the contrast is stark when we looks at the first 3 seasons.

Madi transcends – Credit (s): the cw

The told the story of humans who survived in space who came back down to Earth, then their struggles with the humans already present. Yet this pitch quickly turned into philosophical and then metaphysical questions when it was a question of beings existing in an astral plane other than that of Clarke and his family, of different planets linked by an Anomaly stone and of multiple beliefs. , sects etc. Why did you go so far when the survival of the inhabitants of the ark could have remained at the heart of the plot? And this kind of final judgment in the final series was it really necessary to end their story? We are not convinced …

Clarke fails the “Lexa” test – Credit (s): the cw

Sometimes series do overbearing intrigue by thinking that the more complicated the better , and that if viewers have trouble understanding, it is proof of quality. We tend to think that if viewers have trouble following what planet we are on, how timelines work, what is the relationship between the “real” universe and those in a chip, in the head of characters etc, is that the writers did not really do their job well. So certainly, the series has at least an end, but there was perhaps a less roundabout way of getting there … Anyway what is done is done, and we just have 'to hope that, if 4277676 the spin-off of The 100 is finally ordered after the end of season 7 , he will lose himself a little less in his intrigues.

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