The Batman: A grueling shoot for Robert Pattinson?


Robert Pattinson would be exhausted from the set of The Batman, the film's director, Matt Reeves, being very perfectionist with his actors.

As we know, Matt Reeves wants to make an impression with The Batman ; his story of the Dark Knight will be told in a new way . This is the reason why the director can sometimes be demanding with his actors during the shooting, as this source tells The Sun : “Filming was an exhausting process, especially for Robert Pattinson, as Matt Reeves is a true perfectionist. He insists on remaking scenes over and over and gets bogged down in the little details. it's like he doesn't know when to stop! ” Troubling conditions for the main actor, who sometimes has to resume sequences 31 times, with a voluminous and sultry outfit on the back.

The Batman – Credit (s): DC Comics, Warner Bros

This source reports that even though See the article : Riverdale season 5: will Betty become a murderer?

Matt Reeves a used to managing big budget productions, none rival The Batman : “Matt has already done blockbusters, but this is another level. Batman is arguably the most popular superhero of all and at the time of the project's release, it will be the Dark Knight's first solo film. in ten years. Warner Bros. Studios cannot afford to disappoint fans, nor to lose 50 million pounds spent on the film

. No one denies that this is a high stakes production and Matt feels the pressure to get it right. “ It is true that the The universe around the Batman character is immense, and if the film is a success, the new franchise could surpass the MCU . Until we find out more, we wish Robert Pattinson good luck !

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