The Batman: The murder of Alfred (Andy Serkis) at the heart of the next films?


To believe this new rumor, the character of Andy Serkis would be destined to a tragic end in the next films The Batman.

While Colin Farrell teased a film more original than the previous ones by evoking The Batman , several essential elements of the Dark Knight universe will still be present. This is particularly the case of the Batmobile, the Batcave but especially of Bruce Wayne's flagship ally, Alfred Pennyworth. Played soon by the king of metamorphosis, Andy Serkis, the butler of the most powerful family in Gotham City will be back, the various clues unveiled about the film of Matt Reeves suggesting that Alfred should have a leading role in the future adventures of the Batman. An unprecedented apprehension compared to previous adaptations, certain information relayed by We Got This Covered however indicating a destiny tragic at the end of the trilogy The Batman for the character of Andy Serkis.

Fan-art Alfred Pennyworth (Andy Serkis) versus Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson). – Credit (s): @ShatterverseENT On the same subject : Marvel Studios: What do we really know about HYDRA in the MCU?

Because if a first rumor would like

that Alfred Pennyworth can wielding weapons alongside Robert Pattinson in the film , the American site suggests that the feature films that will follow could film the death of the butler. Are we to understand that the latter will lose his life in single combat against an enemy of Bruce Wayne? If nothing has been confirmed, Matt Reeves would in any case plan to kill this iconic character in the trilogy The Batman in order to offer the Dark Knight's universe an unprecedented realism. The opportunity to force the feature of film noir, the director having in the past expressed his desire to give his adaptation a unique identity. However, fans might take a dim view of this, since Alfred's sacrifice been portrayed only twice in the original DC comics.

Enough to make the next trilogy on the batman, a daring project, not to say risky, going against everything that has been produced to date!