The Beast on Netflix: An interesting but not captivating Italian Taken-style thriller, our review


The Beast on Netflix follows in Taken's footsteps, except that the Italian thriller suffers from a less successful storyline and with less allocated budget. Our review.

On Netflix, there are three teams of subscribers: those who love romcoms, those who prefer to shiver in front of horror films such as Don't listen to or thriller lovers. These are the ones that The Beast will interest. The opus directed by Ludovico Di Martino uses the same codes as Taken , following in particular the story of a father (Fabrizio Gifuni) on pills in search of his missing daughter. This special forces veteran will give his heart and soul to find his child abducted under questionable circumstances. If he is undeniably more efficient than the police, his methods of action will harm him, even becoming the main suspect of his disappearance . So, should you watch The Beast on Netflix? Here is our verdict.

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The scenario of the Italian thriller is far from bad but it is necessarily less calibrated than that of Taken . It's not recommended to compare two projects with each other, but when the plot is so similar, that's what everyone does naturally. While we quickly understand that the hero of The Beast is unstable and very angry, which earned him his nickname, we will have to wait really half of the film to see the “animal” that lies dormant in him come into action. The scenario of The Beast contains some slowness and lacks dynamism, which may result in losing the attention of the spectator.

The Beast – Credit (s): Netflix

The beast remains a good action movie for all that, it contains everything we like about this kind of project: stunts, chases, brawls, blood and suspense . The end is satisfying but we don't get it right throughout the viewing and that's a shame. The thriller is at the top of the most viewed content of Netflix , a place not necessarily justified by the quality of the opus. The Beast almost meets all the criteria for a good action movie, but it's the word “almost” that reminds us that it doesn't is not really at the level. Finally, maybe this detail spotted in The Princess of Chicago 2 on Netflix gives us more enthusiasm!

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