The Blacklist season 8: Liz even darker in the next episodes? The showrunner responds


Liz's descent into darkness isn't about to end. The Blacklist showrunner has confided in the upcoming episodes of season 8!

Elizabeth Keen has nothing to do with the naive, dreamy and sweet young woman from the first season of The Blacklist . After eight years spent alongside Raymond Reddington, she herself became a criminal and above all, a fugitive. In Season 8 of The Blacklist , Liz betrayed everyone world to follow his obsession with the truth and his mother … However, in episode 2, Red killed Katarina in front of Liz, helpless as Dom had revealed the whole truth to her. One thing is certain, is that Liz is going to want revenge on Reddington in the next episodes of the season 8 from The Blacklist and it will get darker than ever!

Liz darker than ever! – Credit (s): NBC

At the start of the season 8 of The Blacklist , Liz seemed more ready than ever to begin her descent into the darkness and it didn't is not completed according to the showrunner . Jon Bokenkamp told The Wrap: “I think what Red was talking about is central to who Liz is. Is she fundamentally good? Is she fundamentally bad? Has she reached a point of no return that she will not be able to come back to, or was it in her DNA? We've seen Liz dive into dark waters over the years – she's definitely not the innocent young FBI agent we met in the pilot – and this season is going to explore her darker side. I think the real question is how she navigates these dark waters and, if she survives that, what she will look like when she comes out the other side. “. The next episodes will therefore be filled with darkness. While waiting for their release,

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