The Blacklist season 8: Was the kiss between Liz and Ressler sincere? The showrunner responds


The Blacklist season 8

In the Season Premiere of Season 8 of The Blacklist, Ressler and Liz kissed. What did this kiss represent? The showrunner responded!

Ever since Tom Keen died, fans have been hoping that Liz will find love again in The Blacklist . Of course, his relationship with his colleague and friend, Ressler, left the door open to many theories. Will the duo end up as a couple? The Season Premiere of season 8 of The Blacklist offered to the fans of the series an unexpected moment … Liz e Ressler kissed but it did not look like a romantic situation. Liz kissed him for a very special reason. It is therefore legitimate to wonder about the nature of kissing. Did he really represent something or Was Liz just manipulating Ressler

to get her gun in this season 8 of The Blacklist ? The showrunner replied!

In interview given to The Wrap , the showrunner of The Blacklist gave some secrets about this kiss between Ressler and Elizabeth . Jon Bokenkamp said: “ All of these questions are legitimate and I think the answer is all of the above. The Kiss Was it real and was it from an emotional moment? Yes. Was Liz using Ressler? Yes. Could she have used it if it wasn't a real and deserved moment? No. It's a moment so complex filled with so many emotions – that's what I love. What's even better is the destination of this story. Believe me, this kiss between Ressler and Liz is the start of a very beautiful story that has lasted for years. “ His words therefore leave hope of a future romance between Liz and Ressler in this season 8 of The Blacklist!

The Blacklist season 8

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