The Boys season 2: 3 hidden details about Stormfront that everyone missed


We bet you never noticed these hidden details about Stormfront in The Boys season 2.

Will Stormfront be making a comeback? in the next episodes? This is the question that all fans of the series ask themselves! And for good reason, this twist is one of the things we would like to see in season 3 of The Boys . Moreover, the actress Aya Cash left the doubt in a recent interview given to EW by declaring: “She is not technically dead, we will have to wait until we see season 3 to know what happened to her and in what form she will return” . The suspense is at its height! While waiting to learn more, we invite you to discover three hidden details about him that everyone has missed.

Stormfront in the Season 2 of The Boys – Credit (s): Amazon Prime Read also : The Mandalorian season 2: those things that don't make sense in the series.

Her superheroine name has a heavy meaning

This is a really surprising fun fact! The name Stormfront has a very heavy meaning in connection with the horrible beliefs of his character. Indeed, the latter allowed, even without having read the comics, to guess that the new super-heroine of Vought was in reality a Nazi. The reason ? Stormfront is also the name in real life of a website created by former KKK member Don Black and dedicated to white supremacism . A kind of forum for American neo-Nazis which closed its doors (fortunately) in 000.

Stormfront related to Jeffrey Epstein? – Credit (s): Amazon Prime

She is responsible for the death of Jeffrey Epstein

Many fans have missed this strange detail . When the boys from Read also : Justice League: Aquaman (Jason Momoa) is patient by the ocean in this new photo from the Snyder & apos; s Cut. The Boys find out about Stormfront's dark past, they are quick to reveal it to the rest of the world. This is where we learn that the latter would also be responsible for the death of Jeffrey Epstein. Indeed, while a television channel broadcasts a photo of her posing with Hitler, at the bottom of the screen on a small banner is written: NYPD: Credible lead links Stormfront to the death of Jeffrey Epstein . Which therefore means that Homelander's girlfriend is also accused of killing the American businessman and sex offender in his prison cell. A clue that proves that the Vought company could be linked to countless and sordid affairs.

Le compte Instagram de Stormfront

Stormfront's Instagram account – Credit (s): Amazon Prime

Its account Instagram really exists

Eh yes ! The Instagram account with which Stormfront makes its live live in the first episode of season 2 really exists. The latter is called @ stormfront_official and was never really active, hence the lack of post . However, he still has 3 followers and follows the accounts of The Seven, Queen Maeve, Black Noir, Homelander and Starlight. In the same vein, 4271345 also discover the reason that explains this mystery surrounding Stormfront in the season finale of season 2 of The Boys .

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