The Boys season 2: The final SPOILER twist explained thanks to this theory?


This rather logical theory could explain the final twist of season 2 of The Boys!

Explosive, this is the correct word to define the final twist of the eighth and final episode of season 2 of The Boys . Indeed, the latter tells us that Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) also has powerful powers. Able to kill from a distance, the liberal deputy who has just obtained the head of the superhuman affairs office in charge of regulating superheroes, detonates the head of Alistair Adana, the head of the Church of the Collective. A totally unexpected scene which therefore reveals the hidden face of the young woman and highlights her previous actions during of Vought's trial . And for good reason, while everyone thought that Cindy was responsible for this butchery, it turns out that this was ultimately not the case.

Cindy at Sage Grove Center in The Boys season 2 – Credit (s): Amazon Prime Video

Yet, to believe Eric Kripke's recent words, Cindy has not said her last word ! Indeed, the young woman who escaped from the Sage Grove Center will be back to wreak havoc in season 3 of The Boys. “It is a landmine capable of detonating anything at any second” thus confided the showrunner on Twitter, allowing fans to speculate again on the narrative arc of the mysterious character. Indeed, it is interesting to point out that Victoria Neuman and Cindy seem to share the same powers. Some fans, driven by these similarities, have imagined a new theory which claims that the two young women are in reality of the same family, Cindy being the daughter of Victoria

. The reason ? The member has reportedly in the past indicated that she has a daughter. A plausible hypothesis if we assume that the young woman, just like Stormfront, could look younger than her age thanks to compound V. What do you think? While waiting to learn more,

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The Boys season 2

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