The Boys season 3: can Starlight (Erin Moriarty) go wrong?


Could Starlight completely crack and become a real danger?

In the season finale of season 2 of The Boys , Starlight has more than ever chosen its camp. There is no question of being a Vought puppet for life, especially since the company did not hesitate to let Homelander and Stormfront imprison him. She's joined the Boys, at least for a few episodes, and is ready to fight for the truth again. From the start, Annie January has represented optimism and faith in justice, a superhero like in the movies. However, Starlight's candor has more than once been put to the test, whether by the Seven or even Hughie. Could the events of season 3 lead the young Super to a darker side?

Starlight (Erin Moriarty) – Credit (s): Prime Vidéo To see also : Gray & amp; apos; s Anatomy season 17: Did you follow the season premiere?

It is with a lot of innocence that Starlight rejoiced to join the famous Group of Seven, believing that this new job would allow her to do good and save people. However, she was quickly confronted with the truth and behind the scenes, sexually assaulted by the Pisces man from day one. Everything she believed in continued to crumble when she discovered Hughie's many lies as well as his involvement in Translucent's death. To top it off, she learned that she wasn't naturally blessed with superpowers, but that her mother paid for them to be. A cascade of disappointments which had already led the young woman to a very dark slope , from which she notably succeeded in recovering thanks to the encouragement of Hughie.

Starlight and Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid) – Credit (s): Prime Video

Her optimism was still strongly marred from the start of season 2, during which she had the impression of risking her life at every moment, rejected by the Seven, but also by Butcher on the side of the Boys. Something in her has changed, not evidenced by the way she did not hesitate to cause the death of a man to save Hughie. She ended up going up the slope and seemed a lot more out of place and happy at the end of the season, but we imagine that everything she's been through is not erased. If similar events, or even worse, were to happen during season 3, this time she could completely lose her footing and send everything flying. See even let yourself be overwhelmed by the darker side of her personality, becoming a danger to the Boys, the other Vought Superiors, but also the townspeople. For example, she could choose to execute the criminals, as Homelander already does, rather than hand them over to justice.

Starlight (Erin Moriarty) – Credit (s): Prime Video

Hughie may be breaking away from the Boys, but he nevertheless has the unfortunate tendency to lie to Annie in order to protect her, or at least to keep certain information to himself. A habit that may return next season, and that could once again make him lose Starlight's confidence. The Super is also in a rather difficult position, caught in the crossfire. On the one hand it wants to protect the citizens from the bad actions and shenanigans of Vought, and on the other she is forced to continue serving the pharmaceutical company. A very important and exhausting pressure, under which even a person with as much resilience as he could crack. Hopefully season 3 of The Boys will rather be an opportunity for Starlight to continue to gain confidence, and have some respite. Performed by the talented 4271475 Erin Moriarty , the super-heroine is indeed a character whose evolution we like to follow, and that we can't wait to find in future episodes.

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