The Boys season 3: could the Seven and Butcher's group team up?


A collaboration between the Seven and the Boys would be explosive, but is it for all that probable?

With everything we already know about season 3 of The Boys , it's hard not to speculate on what future episodes have in store for us. Will Soldier Boy be worse than Homelander? What new Super will be introduced? Who will die? There are many possibilities. What is certain is that the Boys' moment of respite will be short-lived and a new case will require their full attention. During Season 2, their bond grew even stronger than before and they grew closer. Despite everything, they have one major weakness: they are simply human. A disadvantage that they nevertheless compensate with their intelligence and their well-crafted plans. The Seven should also really be inspired by this evil spirit, their superpowers not doing everything. What would be really strong? Let a collaboration between the superheroes and Butcher's group take place.

Extract from season 2 of The Boys – Credit (s ): Amazon Prime Video See the article : How do I stream live TV?

Technically, this association has already taken place, Startlight having joined the ranks of Boys at the end of season 2 . Queen Maeve, although she stayed at bay, also saved their game by helping them beat Stormfront and most importantly by blackmailing Homelander, thus pushing him to to stay calm. A-Train, despite its unwarranted resentment, also provided Annie and Hughie with everything they needed to bring Stormfront's secret to light. We could also cite the brief participation of Lamplighter, who escorted Cream, the Frenchman and Kimiko out of the Sage Grove center. However, when we talk about a collaboration with the Seven, we are really talking about a reunion between the two groups, in their entirety.

AT- Train, Queen Maeve, Homelander and Starlight – Credit (s): Amazon Prime Video

Billy Butcher and Homelander working hand in hand to stop a common threat to their two teams? It seems far too unlikely. It's hard to believe that Butcher would agree to team up with the person who raped his wife and indirectly caused her death. Starlight, A-Train, Queen Maeve, and even Black Noir would no doubt play along, but the leader of the Seven would surely plan a sneaking shot. If the heroes have nothing to lose, things are different for the Boys who should put their morals aside by working alongside Vought , a company that has ruined many lives including theirs.

Butcher, Hughie, Kimiko, Frenchie and Cream in season 2 of The Boys – Credit (s): prime video

It goes without saying that if a collaboration were to take place, it would not be done without conditions. It would therefore be an agreement between two parties, rather than a voluntary meeting. The two teams don't trust each other in the least, and it's also safe to assume that they would be looking to harm each other in the end. That superheroes decide to help the Boys, like Starlight, Queen Maeve or A-Train, it remains possible, even preferable. On the other hand, that the whole of the Seven, see Vought at all, decides to help the group now rallied to the CIA, we believe in much less. However, with the head exploder, introduced in season 2 of The Boys , which always running the streets, they might just end up having a common enemy.

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