The Boys season 3: is Butcher doomed to die at the end of the series?


If the writers of the series follow the trail of comic books, the Boys had better get ready!

He might be on the right side of the fight against Vought, Billy Butcher is still a brutal man which could become even more dangerous during season 3 of The Boys . So far, he's a long way from making the cut, and now that Becca is dead one can only guess that her spirit of vengeance will reach new heights. He has little or nothing to lose, except Ryan, his wife's son. Could this crusade full of resentment and hatred against Vought and the Supers bring him to its ultimate end? Warning, the following lines contain big spoilers on the end of the The Boys comic books.

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) dans la saison 1 de The Boys

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) in season 1 of The Boys – Credit (s): Amazon Prime Video See the article : Virgin River: Will Mel and Jack have the right to a happy ending if the series is renewed?

In the comic books, the Boys team fights against Vought's superheroes not with weapons developed by Frenchie, but thanks to Component V. Apart from Cream and the Girl who naturally possess it, Hughie, Frenchie and Butcher inject themselves into them in order to develop super -powers, thus making the fight against Super fairer. Except that it is this detail that will lead them all to their ruin. In fact, after avenging his wife, Butcher decides to kill everyone with Component V in their blood, including his friends , in order to rid the world of superheroes. After killing Creme, Frenchie and Kimiko, he confronts Hughie in a head-to-head encounter that ends in a vertiginous fall. Paralyzed, Butcher pushes Hughie to end him by claiming to have killed his parents, which is not true. Angry, the latter finishes him off with a pipe and Butcher goes out, a smile on his face.

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) in season 1 of The Boys – Credit (s): Prime Video, Amazon Prime Video

If it were to be adapted for the series, this ending would certainly make a splash and would take viewers by surprise. However, does she have a real chance to arrive? Billy Butcher may be violent in the show, but he still has a much more human and sensitive side than the comic book version. More Fragile and innocent, Hughie and Ryan are notably the two characters who could succeed in appeasing the bully in him, and thus help him not to sink. He cares about his friends, and doesn't seem ready to kill them. To get to such a point, Butcher would have to be pushed to the limit and lose all control for good.

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) in season 2 of The Boys – Credit (s): Prime Vidéo

Tea Boys is currently only season 3, and Eric Kripke has already said he thought of continuing the intrigues over at least five seasons, if Amazon and the success of show allow. In other words, the Butcher played by Karl Urban has plenty of time to reach a point of no return, which would lead him to follow in the footsteps of that of the comics. So far, even if the series has taken some liberties, it is still very clearly inspired by the major events of comics. Season 3 of The Boys will even see the adaptation of the sulphurous Herogasm . Death also seems to be a logical ending for a character like Billy Butcher who is desperate to achieve his ends, and not exactly afraid of his own death if it means putting an end to Vought's actions.

Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) in season 2 of The Boys – Credit (s): Prime Video

Will Butcher die in the final episodes of the series? It seems unlikely that the end of the comics will be adapted as is, unless The Boys ends up continuing on a significant number of seasons. Nevertheless, the death of the character within the framework already defined by the series seems quite logical, see predictable. Unless otherwise, the writers and Eric Kripke instead plan to bring a little peace to the emblematic leader of the group, and offers us a living and somewhat appeased Butcher. We especially hope that the end of the series is still far away, and that season 3 of The Boys will not be the last.

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