The Boys season 3: the number of superheroes is even higher than you might imagine


How many superheroes has the Vought company created? If a first number is given, we must imagine that many ultra powerful villains must also be hiding in the USA and everywhere else!

Vought is a formidable company and we can't wait to see how far she is willing to go to rule the United States in Season 3 of The Boys . As it has been noticed, the company managed by Stan Edgar has its official and unofficial superheroes. The revelation of Victoria Neuman's identity in the cliffhanger of The Boys season 2 lets us believe she does part of the second category , surely working alongside Vought. Some former members of society, like La Torche Humaine for example, are also part of Vought in the deepest of secrets. But in all, how many superheroes did the Nazi business Frederick Vought create and how many are the supes free?

Cindy from Sage Grove in The Boys – Credit (s) : Amazon Prime Video

Officially, Vought has 200 superheroes in its ranks, but this number only corresponds to the candidates they use to protect the different states of the USA. As we discovered in season 2 of The Boys, the company is in the process of inseminating Compound V into the bodies of adults in order to mutate them and exploit them for the rest of their plan. It is not yet known how many people were interned in the Sage Grove facility (before Cindy released all of the detainees), but looking at CCTV cameras, there were at least a hundred. To this number is also added that of other people who have certainly taken Compound V in their life, whether either through traffic or a competing company.

We will certainly discover them in the next episodes of the series broadcast on Amazon Prime But meanwhile, find out why Homelander and his costume ( The Boys ) are at the heart of a great malaise in the United States.