The Boys season 3: this unlikely character could finally be connected to Vought


Described as Vought's rival in The Boys, this character could be revealed as an ally of the superhero organization in season 3!

If season 3 of The Boys will have to answer many unanswered questions , it will also have to develop the plot of certain characters. This member of the Seven will be featured in the next season of The Boys as promised by the showrunner , but we should also find Stormfront in good standing despite its little accident at the end of the previous game. The heroine on whom all the spotlight will be shone is Victoria Neuman. Who is she really? Which side is she walking on? Featured as Vought's ultimate enemy, it was revealed during the cliffhanger that she was also a Supe, and was responsible for the deaths of many people wanting to attack the superhero organization. Finally, could Victoria Neuman collaborate with Stan Edgar?

Victoria Neuman – Credit (s): Amazon Prime Video

Let's not forget that it was Vought who created all the superheroes in The Boys , at least, the series did not show us any other source. Victoria Neuman is therefore just one more victim of Vought and his leaders, and like everyone else, she was designed for a very specific purpose. The fact that she decimated anyone who wanted to attack the organization or reveal confidential information about them suggests that she is collaborating with Stan Edgar. Victoria Neuman would pretend to oppose it to better serve their common interests. And on this subject, we imagine that their goal is to make her the new President of the United States . Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) would certainly use her as a pawn, as he has made with Homelander. For now, these are just guesses, but in the meantime, find out

why Stan Edgar is teaming up with Stormfront and not Homelander in The Boys.

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