The Boys season 3: why does nobody really seem to want to kill the Butcher gang?


Either the Boys are very lucky or no one at Vought is really keen on getting rid of them.

Despite their cruel lack of superpowers, Butcher's team still manages to pull through against Vought's Super. So much so that we tend to think that it is a member of the Seven who could die during season 3 of The Boys . Is the band smarter than the Homelander gang, or do they have a bonkers chance? We are starting to ask ourselves the question a little, since despite the many opportunities that presented themselves to them, Seven still haven't killed the Boys. If we put aside the fact that they are the stars of the show and that seeing them die would not be ideal, for which reasons escape death all the time?

Hughie dans la saison 2 de The Boys

Hughie in season 2 of The Boys – Credit (s): Prime Vidéo See the article : Is Vizio WatchFree really free?

When you think about it, it would have been easier to kill Frenchie, Creme, and Butcher once Vought identified them as enemies. Mallory's grandchildren are ultimately the only ones to pay the price. Even when Homelander discovered that the group of fugitives were behind the death of Translucent, he preferred to start a manhunt rather than get rid of them once and for all. Throughout season 1, we feel that the Boys can be captured by Vought and taken prisoner, or seriously injured, but not really killed. It was during season 2 that the dynamics changed a bit.

Cream, Kimiko and Frenchie in season 2 of The Boys – Credit (s): Prime Vidéo

For once, the Super are really chasing them. The Fishman at first, without the agreement of Vought, then Black Noir, guided by Stan Edgar, and finally Stormfront, determined to silence them forever. Only, as always, the Boys only get by with a few scratches. Stan Edgar, for example, doesn't really dig into finding out more about Homelander's famous photos of the child, and lets them go quite easily. Stormfront is perhaps the only one that really could have killed them, if neither Ryan nor the trio of Kimiko, Starlight and Queen Maeve had stepped in.

Butcher in season 2 of The Boys – Credit (s): Prime Vidéo

They are right there, handy, and yet Vought didn't seem to care too much. This lack of interest is perhaps the reason that could explain why their death doesn't really seem to be in the priorities of the Seven. As the Lamplighter said in episode 6 of season 2, the Boys are nobody. Until now, Vought probably didn't care what they did, let alone their existence. Why take the time to kill a small group of strangers playing vigilantes when they have bigger problems to deal with? Their survival could also be a form of punishment. By staying alive, the Boys are forced to face their own failures and witness yet another victory for the pharmaceutical company.

The Boys in season 2 – Credit (s): Prime Vidéo

For example, if Homelander decided to keep Billy Butcher alive after revealing to him that Becca was alive, it was in order to torture him. He let her live with the thought that he could never find his wife. Vought also deprived the Boys of a normal life, forcing them to live as fugitives, far from their families and loved ones. If l 'we believe 4268929 everything that we already know about season 3 of The Boys , however, the team could become more untouchable than ever. They will indeed work for the CIA, which would make their disappearance difficult to conceal. Especially since with Starlight and Queen Maeve on their side, they're sort of protected. They should nevertheless remain on their guard, because Victoria Neuman could reveal her true face, and decide to explode their heads.

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