The Boys season 3: Will L & amp; apos; Herogasm be the most sulphurous moment of the series?


Season 3 of The Boys series will adapt one of the most controversial and explosive scenes in comic books.

Season 3 of The Boys will be the opportunity to find out who Victoria Neuman is really related to , but also to welcome new characters like Soldier Boy. It is also the announcement of the latter's arrival that led Eric Kripke, the creator of the series, to be confirmed the adaptation of a very particular event from the comic books The Boys : the Herogasm.

Each year, some of Vought's superheroes claim to come together and team up to fight a threat and save the planet. To see also : The Boys season 3: can Starlight (Erin Moriarty) go wrong? Except that in reality, they meet only for the purpose of having an orgy, hence the name Herogasm.

Hughie and Butcher in Season 1 of The Boys – Credit (s ): Amazon prime

If you already find that the series goes far, know that the universe of comics is even more violent and explicit. The Herogasm is also one of the most controversial events. From 768, or even before the broadcast of the season 2, Eric Kripke already wanted to adapt this part of the comics, and would have even already found a way to do it.

Whether it will be an entire episode or a few scenes devoted to the Herogasm, the mystery is still complete. Although we imagine that the team of the series will not be able to go too far with this concept, there is a good chance that this orgy of superheroes will become one of the most sulphurous moments of the series. We could see it from season 1, Eric Kripke is indeed not afraid to push certain limits, and thus keep the tone of the universe created by Garth Ennis. The adaptation of the Herogasm is thus one of all these things

that we already know about season 3 of The Boys .

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