The Boys: Those Things That Make No Sense In The Amazon Prime Video Series


If The Boys is a satirical series, some elements are however too far-fetched. Here are three things that don’t make sense in the Amazon Prime Video show.

As the filming of season 3 of The Boys is set to start, and we can’t wait to see the new episodes, we’ve decided to look back on three meaningless moments in the series. The Boys is renowned for being a satirical show, which makes fun of the image of superheroes, but also of great public figures in our society. In this kind of project, we therefore expect many WTF moments, in which conformism has no place. However, some plots lack the very ideals of our favorite characters . Here are three things that make no sense in The Boys, a series aired on Amazon Prime Video .

Hughie keeps an A-Train figurine in his bedroom while he killed Robin

A-Train – Credit (s): Amazon Prime Video

Hughie is the main character of The Boys and each of its intrigues should therefore be treated sparingly. Every detail counts. And yet, while he still suffers from the fact that A-Train accidentally killed his then-girlfriend, Hughie still keeps a figure of his favorite former superhero in his bedroom. So it’s just illogical, because he hates him and even regularly wishes his death. The fact that Hughie kept the A-Train figurine is either an oversight on the part of the writers, or a desire on their part to show that he adores her so much he hates it!

It’s hard to believe that two lambda humans managed to kill Translucent, an ultra powerful member of the Seven


If Translucent’s death was part of one of the most important twists of The Boys , it’s still hard to believe that two lambda humans managed to kill such a powerful Supe. It is true that the boys had the ingenious idea of ​​inserting a bomb in his butt, but we would have liked to see them fight more before it worked . This discredits the image we are given of Vought’s superheroes, described as untouchable and invulnerable characters.

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