The Boys: Why is the series so successful?


Available on Prime Video, The Boys series has been riding the wave of success since its release.

Fuckin 'evil. The season 2 of The Boys broke sacred records since broadcast began last September on Prime Video. The series has indeed found itself at the top of the most watched streaming programs, even doubling some of the big names of Netflix such as Lucifer . The satirical show will also be back soon with a season 3 which promises to be even more subversive than the previous two. An impressive success, but not necessarily surprising when you take a closer look at the series. The Boys has indeed everything you need to please the greatest number, and we suggest you come back to its many qualities.

Superheroes of a different kind

Vought Super – Credit (s): Amazon prime

Whether on the big screen or on the small screen, superheroes are leading the way! However, despite the overdose of capes and tights The Boys still manages to do well. C It's simply because the series doesn't present a usual image of superheroes. Far from being perfect and flawless characters, it shows them as overly spoiled celebrities, greedy, attracted by power and popularity. Save the world ? Nothing more than a marketing tool. A bias that thus attracts those who are tired of seeing the Avengers and other members of the Arrowverse everywhere, as well as those who are fans.

Boys with an ambiguous moral sense

Billy Butcher in season 2 of The Boys – Credit (s): Prime Video

It's not just Vought's superheroes who show meaning moral more than questionable, it is also the case of the famous band of

Boys . You only have to see their leader, Billy Butcher, who often uses incredible violence. Even Hughie and Creme, supposed to be the two voices of reason, also sometimes resort to unsavory methods. In fact, The Boys is not a series in which we find a clear opposition between good and evil, between the bad guys and the good guys. All characters, be it the Seven, the Boys and even the CIA, are capable of wrongdoing, just as they can show compassion and empathy … Even Homelander!

A subversive, explosive show full of surprises

Homelander in season 2 of The Boys – Credit (s): Prime Video

With The Bo ys , we can say that the tone is set from the first episode of season 1. It's simple, you have to expect everything. Even when you think the show has gone far enough, there's always a scene to prove that no, Eric Kripke (the creator) and his team of writers have not finished surprising us. Repeated head explosions, hot scenes in the air, superheroes with special powers, titanic fights, twists and turns … Sometimes, being able to disconnect and have fun thanks to a series completely goofy and far-fetched, that feels good. The show features an almost constant surprise effect that also manages to keep viewers intrigued and interested until the end. Just like the division of the episodes and the dispersions of plot twists which especially make you want to watch everything in one go. The fact that season 2 of The Boys was broadcast on a weekly basis had also angered the fans .

A series carried by an incredible cast
The cast of The Boys and Eric Kripke on the set of season 2 – Credit (s): Prime Vidéo This may interest you : Marvel Studios: The creation of the Hulk linked to the HYDRA according to a surprising theory.

Antony Starr as Homelander, Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, Erin Moriarty as Starlight or Laz Alonso as Cream, the cast of The Boys outdo themselves from episode to episode. Performances of very high quality and full of charisma that make it all the easier for spectators to immerse themselves in the universe of the series. Actors and actresses indeed embody their characters wonderfully, knowing how to make them endearing, detestable, and even badass . The reason the series is so successful is also because they wear it as it should.

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