The Bridgerton Chronicle season 2: will Daphne and Simon go their separate ways?


The love affair between Daphne and Simon has won the hearts of fans but is it possible that the couple will separate if The Bridgertons Chronicle is renewed for a season 2?

The Bridgerton Chronicle has unleashed passions and created a real buzz upon its release on Netflix. This series, both romantic and sulphurous, amazed us. This Gossip Girl period captivated serevores from start to finish, who binge-watchered all eight episodes in just a few hours. What if for now The Bridgerton Chronicle is not yet renewed for a season 2 by Netflix, it has a good chance of being. Moreover, many questions burn our lips after watching the Season Finale … Daphné and Simon, the iconic couple of the scandalously sexy series, could they separate in a potential season 2 of The Bridgertons Chronicle ?

An exciting love story! – Credit (s): Netflix

All along the first season of The Bridgertons Chronicle , the love story between Daphne and Simon fascinated the fans. Their relationship went through many trials but love was stronger than anything. Finally, Simon became a father when he promised himself never to be one … Remember, Daphne more or less tricked him into being pregnant. But then, will this betrayal be completely forgotten in the sequel or is it possible that the couple separate? I t is a safe bet that Daphne and Simon are facing new difficulties but we hope that love will triumph once more. Still it is necessary that

The Bridgertons Chronicle be renewed for a season 2!