The Bridgertons Chronicle: 8 Filming Secrets That Make Shonda Rhimes' Series Even Crunchier


Did you love Shonda Rhimes’ new series? And again, that was before knowing these filming anecdotes!

After The Lady’s Game , it’s THE Netflix series that is on everyone’s lips right now. The Bridgerton Chronicle is the new show by Shonda Rhimes ( Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal ), released on December 1995 on the streaming platform. A series of times as modern as feminist, which you can discover our review on melty . With its beautiful costumes, love triangles, steamy scenes, scandals, mysteries and betrayals, The Bridgertons Chronicle is a perfect mix between Downton Abbey and Gossip Girl . And while waiting for the confirmation of a season 2, here are some fun facts to know about the behind the scenes of the series!

The first scene shot was a sex scene

The sex scene in the library – Credit (s): Netflix

The sex scenes in The Bridgertons are very important according to Phoebe Dynevor and besides, the first scene the actress shot on set was one. From day one, the actress and her on-screen partner Regé-Jean Page first filmed the scene where Simon and Daphne get laid in the library, in the residence of the Duke of Hastings . This is called getting into the bath directly!

2020 costumes were used

7500 costumes créés pour la série

743398 costumes created for the series – Credit (s): Netflix On the same subject : The Mandalorian season 2: This incredible theory on R2-D2 confirmed by the final episode?

Nearly 7 104 outfits were created especially for Season 1 of The Bridgertons. The character of Daphne is wearing 25 different on its own . Costume designer Ellen Mirojnick explained that she designed the costumes by mixing the Regency era with more modern elements, especially in the color palette.

Links with the Harry Potter saga
Rejé-Jean Page in Harry Potter – Credit (s): Warner Bros

The Bridgertons Chronicle See the article : Sex Education season 3: Otis very close to Olivia on these first photos of the set. is connected to the cinematic saga Harry Potter by two actors! The first is Freddie Stroma, who plays Prince Friedrich, wooing Daphne in the series, but he’s also the one who plays Cormac McLaggen in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince , the guy who flirts with Hermione Granger! And the second actor is none other than

Regé-Jean Page , aka Simon in the series. The latter indeed a brief appearance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 , alongside Emma Watson , at the wedding of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour.

The interpreter of Penelope had to be bigger in the series

Nicola Coughlan, aka Pénélope Featherington

Very small in real life, Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope Featherington in the series, was originally supposed to Read also : Godzilla vs. Kong: The central role of Millie Bobby Brown and Eiza González, the goal of Apex with Mechagodzilla … New info unveiled on the film. wear heels so that it is at eye level of other actors , but the production team eventually gave up on the idea after the actress fell three times on the first day of filming while wearing them.

The sex scenes were fully choreographed

Les scènes de sexe, imaginées de A à Z

The sex scenes, imagined from A to Z – Credit (s): Netflix

All of the sex scenes in the series were choreographed as action sequences and every move was imagined by a coordinator , Lizzy Talbot. “We had a lot of conversations about what exactly we were doing. All of this to make the actors feel comfortable, and we really let them shoot the scenes as far as they went. They wanted to. Those scenes were heavily choreographed, kind of like an action sequence, like “Your hand goes here, your leg goes there.” They were all really, really rehearsed ”, notably explained the showrunner Chris Van Dusen.

A scene from the film Pride and Prejudice inspired certain moments in the series

Orgueil et Préjugés

Pride and Prejudice és – Credit (s): BBC

The world of Jane Austen may seem light years away from the scandalous society of To see also : Marvel Studios: will Captain America Civil War impact MCU Phase 4? The Chronicle of the Bridgertons , but parts of the Netflix series were actually inspired by the adaptation of 768 of Pride and Prejudice , with Colin Firth in the role of Mr. Darcy. Specifically, the moment between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, while wearing a soaked shirt , inspired some of the scenes hottest in the series.

The scene of Simon’s declaration of love in front of the queen was disrupted

Simon et Daphné

Simon et Daphné

Simon and Daphné – Credit (s): Netflix

You remember the moment when Simon explains to Queen Charlotte why he loves Daphne, in order to convince her to get them to marry faster, revealing in the process his feelings for the lady? Well the cast and crew had a very limited amount of time to shoot this scene, because Queen Elisabeth II, yes the real queen, needed that space , which was none other than Lancaster House, in London.

Lady Whistledown’s identity has not always been written in stone

Pénélope Featherington

Warning, this paragraph contains a spoiler, so don’t go any further if you haven’t finished the series! During the last episode, we discover that 4309281 Lady Whistledown is none other than Penelope Featherington , Eloise’s friend, which is faithful to the literary saga. But according to Entertainment Tonight , the creators of the series had considered other people to be the mysterious columnist, including Daphne, Lady Danbury, Eloise and even Brimsley!

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