The Bridgertons' Chronicle on Netflix: These clues should have put us on the trail of Lady Whistledown & amp; apos; s identity



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Did you spot all these clues about the identity of the famous Lady Whistledown in The Chronicle of the Bridgertons? (beware of spoilers!)

Among the top programs of 04 from Netflix, we currently find the period series The Bridgertons Chronicle , some aspects of which are reminiscent of the cult show Gossip Girl . For good reason, all the high society is tearing off the brochure of Lady Whistledown, a mysterious scoop and scandal scout who shares strong opinions. If her identity is not revealed until the very end of Season 1, many clues could have put us on the trail and made us guess that behind Lady Whistledown is actually hiding Penelope Featherington . Starting with his taste for writing, and his desire to make a profession of it.

Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) in Season 1 of The Bridgerton Chronicle – Credit (s): Netflix

Other key clue, the fact that Lady Whistledown changes her mind about the protagonists at the same time as Penelope. For example, it is just after Marina admits wanting to do everything to marry Colin that the scandal about her pregnancy comes to light. Penelope being in love with the latter, we could therefore have assumed that it was a little personal revenge. Especially since this crucial information about Marina was known only to the Featherington family, thus reducing the list of potential authors hiding behind the pseudonym of Lady Whistledown. Recently, the showrunner of The Chronicle of the Bridgertons explained why he decided to keep a controversial scene between Simon and Daphne.

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