The Christmas Chronicles 2 on Netflix: a sequel less magical than the original film, our review


What is The Christmas Chronicles 2 worth on Netflix?

The rocker Santa Claus played by Kurt Russell is back in a second opus, but this time, the magic does not work … Last year, Netflix charmed us with the incredible story of the meeting between two kids and Saint Nicolas. This may interest you : These questions that we still ask ourselves about Iron Man 2. We were therefore delighted when the streaming platform officially announced the start of a sequel! Unfortunately, the result is not up to our expectations, and despite all our good will, Les Chroniques de Noël 2 rarely manages to move us or make us laugh . However, the presence behind the camera of Chris Columbus ( Mom, I missed the plane !, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone ) was auspicious ! But then, why is this sequel disappointing?

The Christmas Chronicles 2 – Credit (s): Netflix

Kate Pierce, the little girl from the first game, has become a disenchanted teenager. The Christmas vacation in the sun with her brother Teddy, her stepbrother Jack, her mom and stepdad isn't going the way she would like, and she regrets not being in the snow. As the adults set off on an expedition, she decides to run away, but her plans are thwarted. She and Jack are teleported to the North Pole by Belsnickel (4282677 Julian Dennison ), an ancient elf. This was Santa's closest companion, until he started to resent him, feeling helpless. After breaking all the rules of conduct he had to obey, he been punished by being transformed into what he hates the most: a human! Since then, he has never ceased to take revenge, even if Christmas can never take place again …

This villain struggles to convince from one end of the story to the other. If you've seen (and liked) Deadpool 2 , you probably remember the bad guy of the plot, an overweight teenager with a slightly grunge look. This is the same actor who plays Belsnickel, and the two characters are virtually identical, which gives a pretty bland déjà vu feeling. Add to this resemblance a rather wobbly motive for revenge and special effects that discredit the slightest of his attacks, and you will obtain a rather indigestible cocktail! Luckily, to push the pill, there's the duo Mother and Santa, formed by Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, also married in real life. Their bond is obvious, and they infuse joy and good humor into all their scenes!

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