The Chronicle of the Bridgerton season 2: These intrigues that we would like to see in the sequel


Even if The Chronicle of the Bridgertons has not yet been renewed for a season 2 by Netflix, it has every chance and here are the intrigues that we would like to find in the sequel!

Shonda Rhimes' scandalously sexy and romantic new series blew our minds! The Chronicle of the Bridgertains, with false airs of Gossip Girl punctuated by British high society in the 19th century, blew us away. The first season, available on Netflix, drew all the attention of serevores who binge-watcher the entire series in just a few hours. Captivating, shattering and scandalous, the series had it all so well that fans only want one thing, a season 2! If The Chronicle of the Bridgertons has not yet been officially renewed by Netflix for a season 2, it has every chance of being seen the buzz it caused when it was released. .. Moreover, here are some intrigues that we would like to see in the sequel!

A love interest for Anthony

Other love stories? – Credit (s): Netflix To see also : Star Wars, Rogue Squadron: Patty Jenkins movie timeline revealed?

After a crazy season filled with scandals and surprises, Lady Whistledown has officially sent out her latest brochure and could definitely return for new adventures and new gossip. The series could focus on the love stories of Daphne's siblings and especially Anthony. Looks like he's finally ready to find love. After a heartbreaking breakup with Siena, he officially announced that he was ready to meet someone.

Daphne and Simon's family

Une famille !

A family ! – Credit (s): Netflix

Finally, in the Season Finale of the first season of The Bridgerton Chronicle

, Daphne gave birth to Simon's child even though he had always refused to be a father. We can't wait to know what will be the nature of her relationship with her baby and if he manages to love it and take care of it! In addition, they could have other children …

Heir to the Featherington Estate

Who is the heir? – Credit (s): Netflix

This could possibly be the biggest mystery of season 2 of Netflix ! One of the biggest questions comes down to a name on a piece of paper. After Mr Featherington's death, there is a great mystery as to who will inherit what remains of his estate.

The future of Eloise
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