The Conjuring 3: Will the Warren couple always be at the heart of the plot?


Will Ed and Lorraine Warren still have the title role in the third installment of The Conjuring?

Several weeks ago, James Wan teased a different plot from the previous parts of The Conjuring . The opportunity for fans to wonder how the third film in the franchise will denote the first adaptations. If the story should focus on the trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson and thus separate itself from the classic tale around the haunted house, the plot could also take as the main character the accused rather than Ed ( Patrick Wilson ) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga). A new spring that could support the change of direction operated by the franchise, the latter having previously focused on the apprehension of the couple and their adventures as hunters of ghosts.

Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed (Patrick Wilson) Warren. Read also : Black Widow: the truth about the Budapest mission finally revealed. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

However, the development of these characters and their point of view throughout their terrifying adventures were the basis for the success of the franchise The Conjuring and its extended universe. So, if production hoped to convince fans again with this third installment, it would not be surprising if the plot focuses again on the Warrens, the interpretation and dynamics of Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson having, moreover, known seduce the fans . That being said, the creative teams might also want to offer a new adaptation thanks to The Conjuring 3 . From this perspective, the plot might want to put the couple of occultists in the background and promote a new approach to horror film.

It would not be surprising that in the case of Arne Cheyenne and his so-called possession by the Devil, the The plot focuses more on the character as well as his perception of murders by a demonic entity. This could represent something new, especially since this case is particularly famous. The narrative could also focus on other characters like Debbie Glatzel and her testimony, with the Warrens ultimately only coming to support Arne's defense.

This would notably have the consequence of expanding and changing the franchise , a desire that the production has already shared while the extended universe already includes The Conjuring as well as the films around Annabelle and La Nonne .

Arne Cheyenne Johnson.

That being said, it is hard to imagine the frightening franchise not being based on these two key characters. Removing the Warrens from the main plot in favor of other characters would make the franchise lose its relevance, which is based mainly on the adventures of the couple. In addition, these serve as a common thread throughout the construction of a horrific universe. Introducing a new central protagonist would be a risk-taking on the part of the studios, especially since The Conjuring 3 will already profoundly modify the codes of the saga . So for all these reasons, it would be wiser for Ed and Lorraine Warren to remain the main characters of the franchise. If we will have to wait until June 3 2021 next for discover their involvement in the heart of Arne Cheyenne Johnson's trial, there is no doubt that these ghost hunters will embark us on a terrifying supernatural adventure. Something to seduce the most reckless terror fans!

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