The Crown season 4: Lady Diana arrives at Buckingham Palace, our first impressions


Season 4 of The Crown is available on Netflix and it's time to find out our verdict – without spoilers.

Several days after revealing you a new trailer for season 4 of The Crown in which Queen Elizabeth II faces Margaret Thatcher , the wait is now over since all the new episodes have recently become available on Netflix . So does this new season live up to the previous ones? Although we have not yet seen all the episodes, we can already say that yes . It's hard to find anything to say in front of an ever so grandiose achievement accompanied by a soundtrack that subtly or with a bang each scene, each expression of the characters, in value.

Lady Diana and Prince Charles – Credit (s): Netflix

On the intrigue side, we knew for a while that it is in season 4 of The Crown as Lady Diana was about to make its debut, and the photos hardly do justice to Emma Corrin and to his performance . The young British actress slips into Lady Di's skin with incredible ease, born in particular from their sometimes disturbing physical resemblance. And since the capital sympathy for Diana Spencer is already present in the minds of most viewers, it does not take long to become attached to the one we see on the screen laboriously retracing her first steps at Buckingham Palace after her engagement with Prince Charles.

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Diana is not the only one to make a sensational entry into new episodes since Gillian Anderson stands out as the First Minis be Margaret Thatcher . Despite a performance that borders on exaggeration at times, the arrival of this other historical figure only makes the series even more relevant as it draws closer to contemporary times. Finally the cast that we have already discovered in season 3 has already proven its worth, so that we find ourselves immersed in these new episodes with great ease thanks to a quality work both in substance and in form. In short, this is once again a big yes for the Peter Morgan series.

Margaret Thatcher

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