The Eternals: Will the end of the movie be similar to Civil War?


Could Phase 4 of the MCU film the Eternals’ internal conflict in a similar way to Captain America Civil War?

Captain America: Civil War was a landmark movie for the MCU , the Russo brothers’ feature film having started Phase 3. Expected next November, The Eternals for its part could reproduce a similar diagram vis-à-vis the fourth phase. While introducing new and super-powerful characters, Chloé Zhao’s adaptation indeed promises to revolutionize the Marvel universe, Kevin Feige having even teased “one of the best pitches he has ever heard”. If these words will have something to arouse our curiosity, they also suggest that the Eternals will have to face new challenges within the film.

Iron Man versus Captain America. To see also : Mom, I missed the plane, Love Actually, The Grinch … Which Christmas movie is right for you? – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

While braving Kro as well as the Deviant people, these new superheroes might also be brought up against a internal challenge. This could even lead to the disbandment of their group, like the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. This is not the first time that such a possibility has been raised, Screen Rant having recently suggested – under cover novelty – that the Eternals should separate so as not to offer the same storyline as the crossovers Avengers . An interesting idea that could make Chloé Zhao’s project a preponderant Phase 4 film, echoing that of the Russo brothers.

The cast of the Eternals during the San Diego Comic Con in 2008. – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

Where Tony Stark and Steve Rogers had opposed due to conflicting political considerations, the Eternals could see their group break up for several reasons. The first concerns in particular the future of humanity. Being overpowered beings, these heroes would be able to keep it or on the contrary destroy it. In this context, one could imagine that several members of the Eternals feel threatened by humans while others would ultimately seek to defend the planet that has welcomed them for several years. It wouldn’t be surprising if beings like Thena (Angelina Jolie) are wary of this civilization.

Another possibility would also be that some of these immortals take a dim view of a potential alliance with the Avengers. The opposition of these two groups and their respective distrust could create a captivating spring for the film. However, it is likely that the Eternals living on Earth would choose to ally themselves with the superheroes of the planet, once their existence is revealed. Finally, a last possibility would be that the arrival of Kro in the feature film forces the Eternals to split up. Here , Thena with whom the Deviant has a relationship in the comics, could lead a group eager to found alongside this alien race, “a pure universe” while another part of the Eternals would like to protect humanity against a possible Deviant invasion .

Concept-art of the Eternals. – Credit (s): BritEdit, Awedopearts, Diiegodesigner, Venomhology, Allen, Marvel Studios, Disney

That being said, and despite the fact that it may complicate the main plot of the film as well as the origin story of the characters, this storyline could prove interesting, especially if the outcome of the film comes to include a fight scene similar to that filmed on the tarmac at Berlin airport in Civil War . While echoing another MCU feature film and globalizing a recurring issue of the universe, The Eternals could represent a real challenge for the studios and the continuation of Phase 4 but above all demystify a heroic ideal inaugurated in 768 .

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