The Expanse season 5: A successful return aboard the Rocinante, our first impressions


The beginning of season 5 of The Expanse is finally available on Amazon Prime Video and it's time to find out our verdict.

Some time After we learned that The Expanse has been renewed for a sixth and final season by Amazon Prime Video , it's time to take a look at the current season: season 5! Prime Video made the first 3 episodes available and you might as well tell you that we hurried to them watch. It will then be necessary to wait every Tuesday to discover the next episodes since it is the December that episode 4 will go live. Regarding the first 3, we can already tell you that it's a successful comeback for the science fiction series that takes us all over our solar system.

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With the Rocinante under repair and the whole team dispersed a little everywhere, the beginning of

season 5 of The Expanse takes the time to locate us each character and his occupation. But it does not take him long to repeat the thread of the intrigues set up at the end of season 4 and in particular the attempts of Marco Inaros to empower the Belters. Naomi finds herself at the heart of this struggle, torn between her allegiance to James and Rocinante, and her Belter origins. But she is not the only one struggling with her origins since we also find ourselves immersed in Amos' past.

Amos – Credit (s) : amazon prime video

These first episodes skillfully take advantage of the separation of the team to focus on each character and their personal story. Seeing Amos return to Earth and reconnect with his roots by showing a rare empathy is rather satisfying since we can thus discover new facets of the character. The same goes for Bobby, who now works for Avasarala, or for Alex, back on Mars. Season 6 being the last, we also feel the structure of the intrigues which will allow to keep a good rhythm until an end of the series which already promises to be grandiose. In short, fans of the series should not be disappointed by the start of the season and, like us, can only be eager to discover the next episode on Prime Video.

Credits: Amazon Prime Video

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