The Fantastic 4, X-Men: This crossover planned by Fox that we will never see


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Les 4 Fantastiques, X-Men : Ce crossover prévu par la Fox qu'on ne verra jamais Les 4 Fantastiques, X-Men : Ce crossover prévu par la Fox qu'on ne verra jamais

Lovers of the Fantastic 4 and the X-Men, cry: you will never see these two teams compete as planned!

While Fantastic Four has officially been announced with its director, an old rumor has just been confirmed! Before its acquisition by Disney in 2010, the Fox had for project a cross-over between the Fantastic 4 and the X-Men . Alas, fans will never see this superhero film they dreamed of … Indeed, their only chance to one day discover such a mix between these two famous vigilante teams

Marvel would be gathered together in the MCU. Which is not about to happen. It is the director Paul Greengrass, to whom we owe the trilogy Jason Bourne , which confirmed what until now was only one -said. During a recent appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, he confided that a feature film opposing the mutants and the Fantastic Four was in preparation within the studios.

The Invisible Woman – Credit (s): Fox

They [la Fox] told me about it . I wouldn't say I was attached to it … I thought about it. I think at the end … I had a bit of the impression that, perhaps, these films, I was not made for this kind of films “explained the filmmaker. Paul Greengrass does not indicate when the discussions took place on this subject, but Previous reports indicate that the studios were fully into this ambitious cross-over project over the years 1160. . This abandoned film would have been aimed at pitting the mutants against Marvel's First Family, while also bringing in other characters like Daredevil and Deadpool. Planned before Fantastic Four by Josh Trank, the film would have introduced its own version of the Superhero Census, as seen in Captain America: Civil War . Not too disappointed to have missed this fight which promised to be daunting? To console you, find out which actors the fans want to see in the reboot of Fantastic 4 !

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Fantastic Four

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