The Flash season 7: Barry and Iris could they have a child?


The Flash season 7

Since Nora's arrival in The Flash, fans have been waiting for Barry and Iris to have a child. Will this happen in season 7?

It we will have to wait a while before we find Barry Allen on our screens. Season 7 of The Flash will only air on 20 February 2020 … In any case, this sequel promises to be thrilling and filled with twists and turns . The first episodes will close the plot of season 6 and therefore the story of Ava. Additionally, Iris is expected to return to her husband after spending a good chunk of Season 6 of The Flash , trapped in the Mirrorverse! So how will their reunion go? Is Iris going to blame Barry? Another question is burning our lips … Is it possible that the West-Allen couple are expecting a child in season 7 of The Flash ?

A child for the couple? – Credit (s): The CW

Since the arrival of Nora West-Allen in season 5 of The Flash , fans are waiting for one thing, for Iris to get pregnant on the show. Thanks to “Crisis on Infinite Earths” and at the sacrifice of Oliver Queen, Barry Allen was saved. Thus, it will not disappear as the newspaper of the future might have indicated! Barry and Iris therefore have the future in front of them and they could finally think of starting a family in season 7 of The Flash . For the moment, the mystery looms and no information has been communicated, but we hope that

Nora could already be back in the next episodes of the Arrowverse series or discover her baby!

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