The Flash season 7: will Barry travel to the future?


Fans can't wait to find The Flash Season 7 on their screens. Is it possible that Barry will travel to the future in the next episodes?

After a very long break, season 7 of The Flash is gradually starting to unfold . The first episodes will close the plot of Season 6. Iris is still stuck in the Mirrorverse and had even disappeared in the Season Finale. Plus, Ava, the big bad news broke free and killed her husband. For his part, Barry becomes helpless and his speedforce weakens. Will the Flash team succeed in creating an artificial speedforce? In any case, many mysteries still surround this next season of The Flash. Moreover, a question burns our lips … will Barry travel to the future again ?

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As we know, one of the Fan Favorite Villains will return in Season 7 of The Flash . It is possible that it is the Reverse Flash, which is one of the sure values ​​of the series. In addition, after the disappearance of Nora who was deleted from the timeline because of the Reverse Flash, Barry is all the more eager to take revenge on his rival. Their showdown is far from over and it is quite possible that Barry will take a trip to the future in this season 7 of The Flash . Maybe once he discovered the secret of artificial speedforce … Moreover, seeing that his future was changed during the crossover “ Crisis on Infinite Earths “, fans still have some semblance of hope that Nora is back on the Arrowverse series. While waiting to learn more, discover the Age of the Arrowverse Superheroes.

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