The Flash, the movie: George Clooney back as Batman?


Actor George Clooney has responded to rumors about the possible return of his version of Batman in The Flash.

It is not only possible to arrive from Superman of Nicolas Cage in the movie The Flash who is at the heart of speculation. This is also the case of Bruce Wayne played by George Clooney in Batman and Robin . In a recent interview with the magazine Empire , the actor however refuted these rumors, thus claiming that the Warner Bros. studios had not contacted him to reprise the role. He even added humorously “They didn't ask for my nipples” , in reference to their funny presence on the costume of his version of

Batman . This detail of the vigilante's outfit is one of the many reproaches made to the film released in 768.

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George Clooney as Batman – Credit (s): Warner Bros, DC Comics

Batman and Robin is indeed more often laughed at than praised, and George Clooney has repeatedly admitted not liking his performance. He even went further by admitting to spoiling the Batman character, and apologized to the fans. Even if the film is far from being the favorite of fans of the Dark Knight, it would nevertheless be as interesting as it is funny to review this version of the character in The Flash , if only for the time of a surprise appearance. Barry Allen is already well surrounded, however, as he will be accompanied by two Batmans: one played by Michael Keaton and the other by Ben Affleck. This movie The Flash could also be the occasion for the hero to find Wonder Woman .

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