The Good Doctor season 4: episode 12, Shaun and Lea in full dilemma in the promo video



Last night, the episode 10 from Season 4 of The Good Doctor aired on ABC. So it’s time to discover the promo video of the episode 11!

Fans are still struggling to get over it. Last night, in the episode 10 from Season 4 of The Good Doctor, Lea broke some explosive news to Shaun and no one expected that. While the young doctor noticed that for a few days his girlfriend had behaved a little crazy, the latter revealed the reason to him in the last seconds of the episode … She learned, two days earlier, that she was pregnant. The episode of The Good Doctor ended with a close-up of Shaun, completely silent and his expression indecipherable. The promo video of the episode 12 from season 4 of The Good Doctor has been revealed and gives us a glimpse of his reaction.

Shaun et Lea en plein dilemme
Shaun and Lea in the middle of a dilemma – Credit (s): ABC

As revealed in the promo video of the episode 12 of Season 4 of The Good Doctor, Shaun will break the big news to Glassman … and his reaction will be predictable. Shaun’s mentor will be more worried than happy and warn the young man . Raising a child is life changing and it will be even more difficult for them because of their autism. In addition, Lea will start to be sick … For its part, the synopsis of “ Teeny Blue Eyes” tells us that when a renowned surgeon comes to Saint-Bonaventure for treatment, the enthusiasm of the team is quickly eclipsed by the behavior of the doctor. After studying his case, Shaun sees a model he recognizes. Meanwhile, Shaun and Lea are forced to make a decision that will change their life and their relationship. Will they keep the baby in The Good Doctor ? They will find themselves in a dilemma and we will have to wait until 18 March to find out …