The Good Doctor season 4: episode 5, Shaun's mistake resulted in death, our Fall Finale verdict


It's already time for the break! Last night, Episode 5 of Season 4 of The Good Doctor aired on ABC. So now is the time to find out our verdict of “Fault”.

The doctors at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital were not at the end of their sentences in this Fall Finale. Last night Episode 5 of Season 4 of The Good Doctor aired on ABC and Shaun faced many hardships which had terrible repercussions. . What happened ? The editorial 'of melty invites you to discover its verdict of “Fault” . Lim encouraged Shaun to have a little faith in Asher and Olivia, the new residents, and to step back as they treated their first patients. So Olivia cared for Toni, a potential stroke patient, while Asher diagnosed Carl, a middle-aged ballet dancer with back pain. Asher estimated that Carl had an L2 compression fracture but missed a potentially fatal aneurysm, which Shaun could have discovered if he had checked Asher's work …

Shaun perdu

Lost Shaun – Credit (s): ABC

The consequences could therefore have been disastrous in this episode 5 of season 4 of The Good Doctor. So Shaun got scolded by Lim and blamed Asher. After this questioning, Shaun decided to improve himself as a manager and returned home to study the subject. He returned to work the next day with a list of about skills he expected Asher and Olivia to master over time . In this episode, Carl, the patient, and Asher, the new resident, bonded. Carl, who is also gay and a former cleric, sees himself somewhat in Asher, who previously belonged to the Hasidic Jewish community. Unfortunately, the outcome was tragic …

A future couple? – Credit (s): ABC

After Carl's death, a particularly confused Shaun visited Glassman to overcome his insecurities as a supervisor. He fears that his inability to communicate better with his interns will lead to the death of more patients … Shaun was confused in “Fault” . As usual, Glassman found the right words to comfort Shaun. He told her that no one was infallible; there will be days when it fails, like everyone else. On their side, 4284748 Park and Morgan lived their new lives as roommates and it's obvious that the two doctors get closer in The Good Doctor! A couple could soon form and as much to say that nobody expected it. They both had love stories that were true failures and their commonalities will strengthen their bond. In any case, this Fall Finale was both overwhelming and gripping. The death of this endearing patient broke our hearts, especially since this death was caused by an error of the doctors.