The Gray Man on Netflix: Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling at the heart of a new Captain America-like franchise in The Winter Soldier



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Next project of the Russo brothers, The Gray Man could become the beginning of a franchise with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling.

The Russos brothers are probably not done draw inspiration from their experience within the MCU. After announcing their intention to create a shared universe from the movie Tyler Rake with Chris Hemsworth

, they have indeed described their next project as the start of a franchise in the vein of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

. “ The Gray Man is a spy movie. For fans of the Winter Soldier, it's is similar in the sense that we try to include the film in a very modern and current environment, which we face on a global level in terms of spy rings and the CIA. ” they thus confided during a recent interview with Collider.

Behind the scenes photo of Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Credit (s): Marvel Studios

The comparison to the Marvel Studios films would have been inevitable anyway, since The Gray Man will pit Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans aka Captain America in the MCU. The character played by the latter has also been described as being the main antagonist, that is to say a role in the 'Complete opposite of Steve Rogers'.

The Gray Man could thus be the start of a whole new franchise for Anthony and Joe Russo, although they don't rule out the possibility of handing the responsibility of directing the following films to other filmmakers. “We like the film, we like what we have prepared, we like the cast, but we would like to tell several stories and our schedule might not allow us to handle everything. So we like bringing in new voices, that's also something that makes us excited. “ they added. The duo also teamed up once again with

Tom Holland for Cherry , whose first photos have been unveiled .

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