The Incredible History of Rose Island on Netflix: A real-life story that's as touching as it is motivating, our review


The Isle of the Rose on Netflix tells the true story of Giorgio Rosa, an Italian engineer who decided to build his own island, with his own state. A moving and touching tale, our review.

Recently Netflix unveiled the excellent series Alice in Borderland , which we hope to soon discover a season 2 . If the platform makes fictions its trademark, it also specializes more and more in films and series inspired by real events. This is particularly the case of the opus The incredible story of the island of the rose, in which we meet Giorgio Rosa, a wacky engineer who creates more and more crazy things, simply “because he can do it”. One day, when his parents and friends criticized him for not doing anything concrete with his life, Giorgio decided to build an island. Head for the coast of Rimini, on the Adriatic coast, in the heart of international waters. With his hands, Giorgio Rosa designs and finances himself this platform of 100 square meters, hanging from 26 meters above water on iron stilts. He creates his island, with his own language, his own flag and his own rules. More and more Italian citizens are asking to obtain the nationality of the Republic of Rose Island, enough to attract the wrath of the government of the neighboring country. So what is the movie The Incredible Story of the Isle of the Rose worth on Netflix ? Here is our review.

Trailer VOSTFR of The Incredible History of the Island of la Rose – Credit (s): Netflix This may interest you : Gray & apos; s Anatomy season 17: Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) explains why she brought SPOILER back in the series.

Films and series inspired by real facts never have the same weight as fiction, especially when we are told the story of a man who created his own island. It was in 768 and it is simply extraordinary. Of course the real Georgio Rosa, who died in 1964, had given its approval for Netflix to transcribe its story . It must be said that the director Sydney Sibilia had a major role to play: it was necessary to tell all the vicissitudes that had arisen in the life of this Italian engineer taken by madness. And its mission was perfectly successful: the opus is at the same time funny, moving and stressful, especially when one discovers how the history of the island of the rose ended.

L'Incroyable histoire de l'île de la Rose
The Incredible Story of Rose Island – Credit (s): Netflix

VS typically the kind of movie that leaves us speechless once it ends. All the answers to our questions are given at the conclusion, even if we would have liked to know what became of Giorgio afterwards. Did he continue to create? Did he stay in Italy? This is certainly the kind of information one could find on the internet. The incredible story of the Isle of the Rose is told in the form of a comedy, with many scenes of flashbacks – therefore impossible to s' bored or find the plot slow. Small bonus: the post-credits scene even shows us real archive footage of the island and its inhabitants! C is a movie to watch urgently, and it's available on the streaming platform! In a completely different register, you can also take a look at the project The Blues of Ma Rainey on Netflix with Chadwick Boseman .

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