The Kissing Booth 3: Will she (Joey King) end up single at the end of the Netflix franchise?


She (Joey King) could end up single at the end of the Netflix The Kissing Booth franchise!

Elle Evans will end -Did she single at the end of the Netflix franchise The Kissing Booth ? While Joey King has just revealed the release date of the third installment , one wonders what decision his character will make when the saga concludes. Will she choose to stay with Noah (Jacob Elordi), will she be seduced by Marco ( Taylor Zakhar Perez ) or will she prefer to spend time alone? In the first episode of this romcom, the young woman began a passionate relationship with the older brother of her best friend, a real womanizer. In the sequel, they had to face the distance between them, one still in high school while the other entered college.

Elle – Credit (s): Netflix On the same subject : Star Wars: The Empire of Darth Sidious, a dictatorship for the rest of this distant galaxy?

Two protagonists put their love to the test: Chloe on Noah's side and Marco on Elle's side. In the continuation and end of this story, the young woman will pass to adulthood. An essential but stressful step, which involves realizing that she must make choices and assume them. Thus, having been accepted both at Harvard and at Berkeley, she will have to weigh the pros and cons to make sure she makes the right choice between these two faculties. She will inevitably hurt the people she loves by making a selection, it is inevitable, and this test will make her evolve! Ditto when she will have to listen to her heart about her relationship with Noah … Older and more experienced than Her, he already has a very clear idea of ​​his future, of his future career and his couple.

Elle et Noah Elle et Noah

Elle and Noah – Credit (s): Netflix

However, he is still immature enough to play on his girlfriend's nerves by letting her imply that something is going on between him and her friend Chloe … But this one is not sure of herself, and she is not yet clear about her real intentions. This is her first relationship and she is quite awkward when it comes to expressing her intentions towards her boy friend! In other words, the best decision she could make would be to be single for a while, in order to really know what she wants and who she is. She will come out grown. And subsequently we will also find Joey King alongside Lady Gaga, Brad Pitt and Aaron Taylor Johnson in the cast of Bullet Train !

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