The Lady's Game Netflix: This Big Timeline Error No One Has Noticed



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A fan found a big inconsistency in the series The Lady's Game on Netflix!

It was almost flawless! While two experts recently noted two faults in the games played by Beth in The Lady's Game , today it's a timeline error that has been spotted in the series Netflix . A small barely visible detail that has yet annoyed fans of Marvel comics. Indeed, this is the moment when the young chess prodigy embodied by Anya Taylor-Joy goes to the pharmacy. A scene that caught the attention of a surfer named Pat Brosseau. And for good reason, the latter noticed that the store's wheeled stand offered comics for sale who are almost two decades ahead of the plot .

It is on Twitter that the user in question has chosen to share his astonishing discovery. In a post, the latter indicated a supporting photo: “I was watching The Lady's Game last night on Netflix, a fantastic show by the way, and of course I immediately noticed this roller rack. This scene is supposed to take place in 1963 but I see Avengers comics, Deathstoke and Spider-man of the years 23 and 90 “

. Oops! A big timeline error that we personally hadn't even noticed. Just like

this obvious reference to Game of Thrones spotted in The Lady's Game and that we all missed .

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