The Lady's Game on Netflix: That Obvious Game of Thrones Reference We All Missed


We all binged Lady's Game on Netflix, but who spotted this easter egg?

The season 2 of the series The Lady's Game will not take place, Netflix has confirmed and it is a shame. For those who have already done all the episodes and who are missing the adventures of Beth and the others, we still have something to offer you. The series is full of references and l 'one of them concerns another series very well known to TV fans : it is Game Of Thrones.

So between dragons and chess, there is a world, but behind the camera the link is much more obvious, especially for those and those who know a little the showrunner of The Queen's Gambit , Scott Frank.

Beth with the Benny's friends – Credit (s): netflix

Scott Frank knows well the showrunners of Game of Thrones , Dan Weiss and David Benioff, with whom he has worked before, and that's why that he gave their names to 2 characters from The Game of the Lady. In episode 5, Benny introduces 2 young men to Beth, Danny Weiss and David Friedman

. And when you know that David Benioff's real name is actually David Friedman, you quickly understand the sympathetic nod to those who brought Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, and the others to life. Besides, speaking of Game of Thrones, we recently wondered if Sansa and Arya could have been enemies in season 8 .

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