The Lady's Game on Netflix: The end of the series with Anya Taylor-Joy points out the biggest flaw in biopics


While Beth's story is not based on actual facts, The Lady's Game on Netflix succeeds where biopics typically fail.

In The Lady's Game , nothing was chosen by chance: everything has meaning, until the last dress Beth wore in the series. And maybe this is where The Queen's Gambit finds its strength: the series worn by Anya Taylor-Joy brings together all the elements that can make a biopic successful. Scott Frank and Allan Scott have managed to captivate audiences with chess games – which is not the most popular activity in the world, let's say it – thanks to a developed and sufficiently interesting character. The story of Game of the Lady is totally fictitious, but everything that revolves around it sticks to a certain reality. The character of Beth is faithful to what one can imagine of women of the years 18 (although she stands out), and the same can be said of the places she's been to.

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The Queen's Gambit sounds so genuine you might think this is a story totally based on real events.

Viewers are so convinced by the narrative that the series doesn't need to overdo it on a mathematical or boring explanation around chess. They don't care how it works, they follow Beth in every one of her fights. In biopics such as The Crown or Hollywood – which are top notch and are very successful on Netflix – it feels like you already know the end before you finish reading. And for good reason, we are presented chronologically all the events that have occurred in the lives of the protagonists against a background of fiction. Since we have quick and easy access to information on the internet, the surprise is less. But this is not the biggest problem with biopics: in reality, they lack weight, “that little extra thing” that we find in The Queen's Gambit and that we hardly explain. The strength of the series is to have been able to welcome both reality and fiction as two sides of the same coin. And everyone is certainly in agreement on this point: we would like to see other programs of this kind! While waiting to see if the series will soon have a competitor,

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