The Lady's Game on Netflix: The real reason Beth bought Alma's home from her stepfather



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There is a good reason Beth decided to buy her adoptive mother's house in The Lady's Game!

This is a question we still ask ourselves about the hit Netflix series The Lady's Game . Indeed, shortly after the death of her adoptive mother in Mexico, Beth (Anya Taylor-Joy) who has just returned to the United States decides to buy the house from his stepfather. An astonishing observation for the young woman who nevertheless spends her life traveling the world to play chess . However, according to the site Screenrant, when you look at it, this choice is not a thoughtless, immature and impulsive act. On the contrary, if the young chess prodigy – who could easily afford a new home – decides to settle permanently in Alma's in Kentucky, it is for a good reason!

Alma and Beth in The Lady's Game on Netflix – Credit (s): Netflix

And for good reason, this house represents the only bond remaining to her from Alma, a sort of emotional heritage that the young woman refuses to give up

. Indeed, we know how close the young woman was to her adoptive mother, especially in the last years of her life. Although their relationship did not start auspiciously, Alma was the first person to support and believe in Beth early in her career. Moreover, it is no coincidence that on her return from Mexico, the nostalgic champion tries to imitate her mother by wearing her dressing gown and lying in bed, a cigarette in her hand. It's no coincidence, either, that Beth uses Alma's piano to display her trophies as a sign of gratitude. It is therefore with a view to remaining close to Alma, even after her death, that Beth did not hesitate to drop a substantial sum of money on her dreadful stepfather to keep her precious memories in her wake.

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