The Lord of the Rings Series: One Fan Imagines the Perfect Title and Poster for Prime Video Series


The Lord of the Rings series is long overdue on Amazon Prime Video, and fans are taking the lead.

We wait over and over again until we have some news from the series Lord of the Rings which will air on Prime Video , and whose final title has still not been confirmed. Some too impatient fans have also decided to take the lead and imagine some posters and a title that could correspond to the intrigues of the series, unveiled in a first synopsis a while ago. As you can see below, the imagined title would be “The One Ring” or “The Ring” , which would make a little more sense than The Lord of the Rings since the series takes place long before the films .

On the first poster is a “Ringwraith”, a specter of the Ring too called Nazgûl, while only the Ring is represented on the second poster. This famous Ring that we know so well was forged by Sauron, it remains to be seen whether it will really be at the heart of the intrigues of the series that will take place during the Second Age . Until we have a final title that will correspond more to the time in which the series will take place, and some posters from Amazon Prime Video, actor Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn) once said which Gameo of Thrones mistake he doesn’t want to see in the series .