The Lord of the Rings: These 3 fun facts prove that filming was no easy feat


The filming of The Lord of the Rings put the nerves of Peter Jackson to the test. The proof with these three anecdotes!

Adapting the mythical works of Tolkien is not an easy task! Whether it's Peter Jackson with the Lord of the Rings trilogy or the giant Amazon with its new series dedicated to the franchise universe, everyone has had to put the means into it. Proof of this is, the future spin-off expected to debut 768 on the streaming platform Prime Video already holds the series record most expensive in the world with a budget of more than a billion dollars . At this price, you might as well say that nothing is left to chance during the filming. So much so that a star of the show The Lord of the Rings recently revealed his amazement at the amazing resources implemented by production . Means that will undoubtedly not surprise the director Peter Jackson who also had his share of small WTF stratagems during the filming of the saga.

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Fake lawn galore

To give you a better idea, let's start by recalling the pharaonic figures of the films : 700 actors, 20 500 extras as well as 300 horses present at each scene. On the same subject : Marvel Studios: could Norman Osborn take control of Stark Industries? A large crowd that could have wrecked entire landscapes and sometimes still virgin New Zealand. But that was without counting the ecological sensitivity of Peter Jackson who preferred to install kilometers of false lawn on the ground rather than to let its teams trample and sack the many uninhabited places visited for the purposes of the film. We applaud such an effort!

Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit

Sheep of Discord

It is one of the most magnificent landscapes but also the most visited of New Zealand! We are of course talking about the village of Hobbiton, the very one that served as the backdrop for the homes of the famous hobbits Frodo, Bilbo, Sam, etc. To see also : Marvel Studios: Which Iron Man armor is the most powerful? Originally, before being a famous movie set, this little piece of paradise belonged to a sheep farmer named Mr Alexander, who agreed to cede part of his land to Peter Jackson for the purposes of the film. However, to fully satisfy the director's needs, Mr. Alexander had to resolve to temporarily part with more than 1 250 sheep deemed too modern to be integrated into the image.

Sam and Frodo in The Lord rings

A person responsible for looking after the frogs

Yes yes, you read that right! After the sheep, it was the frogs in a small pond located in the middle of the set that gave the film crew a hard time. The reason ? The latter croaked so loudly that the actors could no longer hear each other speak. To put an end to this inconvenience, production had to take extreme measures and hire someone to deal with these unwanted amphibians. His mission ? Move all the frogs every morning to shelter them in an artificial pond before reintroducing them in the evening in their original habitat . A tedious and slightly thankless job! Also discover this cut scene between Aragorn and Arwen that you will not see never in The Lord of the Rings .

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