The Lord of the Rings: This amazing confession from Sean Astin about Frodo and Sam's relationship


A confession that revives the debate on the relationship between Master Frodo and the faithful Sam Gamegie!

While this mystery about Gandalf in the Balrog scene has finally been explained , the trilogy of Lord of the Rings also saw Frodo and Sam leave for Mordor. An epic and rhythmic adventure which however tested the friendship of these two hobbits, to the point that some even saw it as the beginning of a romance. This is particularly the case of Sean Astin , the interpreter of Sam Gamegie, who in an interview unearthed on Tik Tok via Digital Spy claimed that his character and that of Elijah Wood should have kissed during their quest to Mordor. Indeed, as you can see below, the actor of Stranger Things has returned to the relationship between Sam and Frodo, even having fun with a potential secret kiss between the two characters.

The actor subsequently greeted the fans fictions around Frodo and Sam and the way they apprehended and embraced the romantic relationship of the two hobbits, Sean Astin having said: “It doesn't matter what people have conceptualized for them, that suits us well. “ A statement that will have the merit of being clear and that prompts us to wonder about the repercussions of such a representation at the heart of Lord of the Rings. Peter J Did ackson choose to simply suggest their respective attachment? Or was it above all a deep friendship? If the two points of view hold, there is in any case no doubt that a kissing scene between Sam and Frodo would have marked the saga and be

would eventually even be listed as Peter Jackson's favorite scene !

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