The Lord of the Rings: This mystery about Gandalf in the Balrog scene finally explained


You have to dive into the book to know the answer to this mysterious question from the Lord of the Rings!

It is without a doubt THE most famous scene of the second part of the saga of Peter Jackson . We are obviously talking about the moment when Gandalf the Gray confronts the terrible Balrog on the bridge of the Mine of Moria. A moment of anthology that deeply marked the fans of

Lord of the Rings , thanks in particular to the famous replica of the magician : “ You will not pass! “. A cult tirade that is now part of pop culture, just like the famous “ I am your father “of Darth Vader in Star Wars . However, if this scene continues to emulate even today, it raises a second important question mark. Namely: how Gandalf and Balrog were able to climb so quickly after their fall to the top of the Mountain ?

Indeed, while Gandalf the White explains to his fellow travelers how he managed to fight the Balrog, he also specifies that the duel ended on the highest peak of the mountain. On the same subject : The Incredible History of Rose Island on Netflix: A real-life story that's as touching as it is motivating, our review.

Gandalf confronts the Balrog atop La Moria in The Lord of the Rings

An astonishing revelation given that the last time we saw the legendary wizard he was falling with the Balrog into the depths of the cave. How the latter could they finish their fight so quickly, passing from the bowels of the mountain to its summit in a snap of the fingers? Of course, Gandalf is a magician, but teleportation is not part of his powers. Fortunately, one only needs to delve into Tolkien's book to discover the answer. Indeed, in the novel Les Deux Tours, the sage details precisely how the two adversaries made their way through dark tunnels “eaten away by things without a name and older than Sauron himself – even “ until you come across “the endless staircase”.

“An uninterrupted spiral of several thousand steps” which has therefore never been represented in the film's flashback. CQFD! Also check out

these amazing details about the three elven rings that only true fans of the Lord of the Rings know .

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