The Lord of the Rings: Those Deeply Sad Things About Frodo Baggins


Throughout his quest to Mordor, Frodo had to face many dangers. A challenge that did not spare our hero in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, of which here are the saddest details.

Like Harry Potter with whom The Lord of the Rings shares amazing similarities , the Peter Jackson’s trilogy introduced some memorable characters. However, the story has mostly focused on the twists and turns surrounding Frodo Baggins, the young Hobbit having to leave his native Shire and cross Middle-earth to the top of Mordor in order to to destroy the One Ring. A quest filled with twists and turns but also many tragedies for our hero. Although he was able to count on Gandalf’s advice and the presence of his loyal friend Sam, Frodo’s road to Sauron’s stronghold was particularly dangerous. A journey strewn with pitfalls which the famous Hobbit finally escaped but which, however, did not spare him … The proof.


Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins. Read also : Harry Potter: This detail on the death of Fred Weasley has not finished intriguing fans. – Credit (s): New Line Cinema

It is well known that the Hobbits largely prefer to enjoy their peaceful Shire rather than going to challenge the Dark Lord on the side of Mordor . A hobby from which Frodo was not able to enjoy, to whom the One Ring was finally entrusted after the selfish departure of his uncle Bilbo. The weight and quest that this powerful artifact entailed unfairly turned the world of the young Hobbit upside down. Moreover, if he could count on the efforts of Aragorn, Legolas or even Gimli to help him in his mission, Frodo finally realized that The Ring’s temptations were too great, forcing him to leave the group and go on a solitary quest. A courageous and yet terrifying decision for the Hobbit who still could count on the constant presence of Sam by his side before his departure for the Immortal Lands.


Frodon Sacquet blessé par la lame des Nazgûl dans Le Seigneur des Anneaux : La Communauté de l'Anneau.

Frodo Baggins wounded by the blade of the Nazgûl in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. On the same subject : Without language, these actors and actresses hate their own films. – Credit (s): New Line Cinema

Stabbed by a Nazgûl blade, prisoner of a giant spider, bitten by Gollum at the top of Mordor … We don’t count anymore the number of injuries inflicted on the Hobbit and the risks that the latter took through the saga carried out by

Peter Jackson . If our hero has always been able to count on his loyal allies to get him out of the worst situations, it is clear that Frodo has repeatedly failed to leave his skin there. A particularly sad detail which nevertheless demonstrates the salutary character of the character played by Elijah Wood.


Frodo Baggins. – Credit (s): Warner Bros

4324841 Gandalf’s death facing the Balrog , his paranoia towards Sam, his departure for the Immortal Lands … are all challenges that Frodo had to face this on his journey. However, the most difficult of them was obviously wearing the Ring. Unlike other characters who stumbled upon this powerful object, Frodo did not seek its possession out of greed. It was given to him and in some ways even imposed on him. An injustice for which he nevertheless accepted responsibility. For such a small person, taking on such a great burden is however heartbreaking, especially since Frodo knew the dangers that his role entailed …

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